Hoodlum’s team of filmmakers, artists, writers and developers specialised in creating meaningful online experiences that engaged audiences across the world. The role at Hoodlum included devising and delivering the highest quality digital design work for prominent global clients including:

  • Day X Exists - Sony Pictures  
  • Join the Mosaic - Flash Forward for ABC (US) - Finalist of 2010 AIMIA award - Best Cross Platform
  • Making of Modern Australia for ABC (AUS) 
  • Primeval Evolved - Primeval for iTV (UK) - Winner of 2010 AWGIE award - Interactive Media, Winner of 2010 Digital Emmy award - Best Digital Program, Winner of 2010 Interactive Media Award - Best in Class
  • Find 815 - Lost for ABC (US) - Winner of 2009 Global Media Awards - Outstanding website /entertainment for project
  • Spooks Interactive - Spooks for BBC (UK) - Winner of 2008 BAFTA award - Interactivity